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These are the top 11 Data Science courses and nanodegrees found from analyzing all discussions on Reddit that mention any Udacity course.

Data Analyst Nanodegree
Use Python, SQL, and statistics to uncover insights, communicate critical findings, and create data-driven solutions.

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79 mentions
Data Engineer Nanodegree
Data Engineering is the foundation for the new world of Big Data.

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19 mentions
Intro to Data Science Course
What does a data scientist do? In this course, we will survey the main topics in data science so you can understand the skills that are needed to become a data scientist.

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34 mentions
Intro to Inferential Statistics Course
Intro to Inferential Statistics will teach you how to test your hypotheses and begin to make predictions based on statistical results drawn from data.

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21 mentions
Intro to Data Analysis Course
Explore a variety of datasets, posing and answering your own questions about each.

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22 mentions
SQL for Data Analysis Course
Learn to use Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract and analyze data stored in databases.

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10 mentions
Data Scientist Nanodegree
Build effective machine learning models, run data pipelines, build recommendation systems, and deploy solutions to the cloud with industry-aligned projects.

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5 mentions
Data Analysis and Visualization Course
This course will introduce students to the field by covering state­-of-­the-art modeling, analysis and visualization techniques.

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4 mentions
Programming for Data Science with Python Nanodegree
Learn the fundamental programming tools for data professionals: Python, SQL, the Terminal and Git.

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5 mentions
Data Visualization Nanodegree
Combine data, visuals, and narrative to tell impactful stories and make data-driven decisions.

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1 mentions
Spark Course
Master how to work with big data and build machine learning models at scale using Spark.

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4 mentions