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Design impactful user experiences for products in today’s digital world.

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Ich kann leider kein bestimmtes Zertifikat oder Boot Camp empfehlen. Selber habe ich Interaction Design studiert aber ich hatte einen Kollegen, der so ein Boot Camp gemacht hat. Ich glaube es war Carreer Foundry. Udacity UX Design nano degree sah auch gaz gut aus vom Inhalt her.

Ich würde auf jeden Fall versuchen den Prozess zu verstehen und auszuprobieren. Einfach irgendwelche Projekte zu bauen mag gut sein, wenn man web dev werden möchte um coding Erfahrung zu sammeln aber wenn sie UX Designer werden möchte, sollte sie den Prozess um User Research, Concept und User Testing verstehen. In den Bereichen gibt es verschiedenste Methoden. Ich fand "A Project Guide to UX Design" am Anfang sehr hilfreich. Aber es gibt auch sicher viele andere Bücher in dem Bereich.

Sehr hilfreich für Bewerbungen ist auch die Projekte in einem Protfolio zu dokumentieren und zu zeigen, dass man einen Prozess durchgeführt hat, welche Probleme und User Needs man erkannt hat usw. Das gibt bessere Einblicke als ein paar fancy Mockups oder eine fertig gebaute Web App.

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You can also try:


Lean UX book

Udacity Nano degree - https://www.udacity.com/course/ux-designer-nanodegree--nd578 . Please read about the cost and how to get discount etc.

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Recommendations for NYC Based Master's Programs?

I have already done some extensive research on this topic and dug up as many threads in this sub regarding this but would like to get some advice curated to my background, and hopefully this thread can help those also coming from my background in the future.

My Background:

I'm a Software Engineer based in New York with 3 years of experience, working in the consumer finance space. My experience is primarily focused on building backend microservices using Java and Spring. Aside from that I have my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

Where I want to be:

I'm interested in making a career transition to a UX or Product Design role and find myself interested primarily in visual design. I would prefer to stay in New York for my career if not for both my career and studies.

How I plan on getting there:

I'm currently taking Udacity's User Experience Nanodegree to get my feet wet, see if this path is right for me, and start building out a portfolio. If all goes well I intend to apply for a Master's program in HCI or Interactive Design/Design and Technology etc during/after which I would try to get internships and ultimately a full time position.

Where I need your help:

I realize there are lots of strong HCI programs in other parts of the country with strong outcomes and geared towards people from an Engineering background, but I am particularly curious about some of the programs in New York including the Interaction Design MFA program at the School of Visual Arts, Parson's MFA in Design and Technology and Pratt's MS in Information Experience Design

I am not including NYU's ITP program as after speaking with some alum it seems this is more focused on physical computing and most graduates who went on to get jobs in UX or Product Design already had a background in design.

Are these programs a good fit for someone from my background and a good program to make a career transition to ultimately come out with a role in UX or Product Design and a solid understanding of UX design principles? I am not currently super interested in pursuing UX Research but maybe that would change as I learn more in whichever program I attend.

Additionally any advice on how to assemble portfolios to submit to these school given my limited background would be quite appreciated. I have done some design "work" (albeit using powerpoint...) in my company but not sure if I would be able to include that on my portfolio as it is for an internal project. I planned on submitting an Android app that I had published on the Google Play store for an Internship 5 years ago (design is lacking by today's standards but was okay at the time) and a youtube clip from a rather unpolished Unity game I had created during an HCI class in college a few years ago.