UX Design for Mobile Developers

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This is a design course made for developers.

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r/androiddev • post
24 points • driscoll42
Coursera, Udacity, Udemy Android Courses, which to take?

I'm a fairly experienced developer, working mostly with SQL, Python, and R, but let's just call my Java knowledge zero. I want to get into developing some Android apps on the side for fun and to expand my skillset. However there seems to be a neverending supply of courses, books, videos, etc... to learn Android and I don't know which one to start with. Three below that caught my eye I'm considering starting with:

I rather enjoy a course style learning, I have taken several Coursera courses before and loved them. Particularly I enjoy a text with supplementary videos, not videos with supplementary text as many courses are.

Anyways, does anyone have much experience with these (I realize most of the edX one's are new)? Any recommendations? I doubt I need to take all three sets of courses but ideally there's a more or less "best" one.


r/userexperience • comment
0 points • balls_draper

If you don't have a macbook, and are doing UX design on a PC, that's totally fine as long as you have a good box, arrow, circle maker tool. However, I think many designers on here would comment that a 2015 refurbished macbook pro and some design software (Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma) will go a long way to upping your proficiency. You could use the leftover cash to sign up for a course. The ones coming from Udacity are really forward looking, and have lots of coding integration that you may prefer as a CS major.