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Elementary Statistics Course Online
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Course List: Mathematics [x-post /r/onlineeducation]

A compilation of mathematics courses offered by Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). These are free courses designed for online study. They test as you go through and may or may not offer a certificate of completion.

This list does not include recorded classroom courses or videos with no interaction. If you know of any other mathematics courses that are interactive and test / quiz as the student goes through, please let us know.

Right now I am using Coursera, Udacity, and edX. Other sources will be utilized upon discovery. ALGEBRA

Intro Algebra Review (Udacity) -

College Algebra (Udacity) -

Algebra (Coursera) -

Visualizing Algebra (Udacity) - CALCULUS

Pre-Calculus (Coursera) -

Calculus One (Coursera) -

Calculus: Single Variable (Coursera) -

Analytic Combinatorics, Part 1 (Coursera) -

Analytic Combinatorics, Part 2 (Coursera) - LOGIC

Introduction to Logic (Coursera) - STATISTICS

Introduction to Statistics (Udacity) -

Introduction to Statistics: Descriptive Statistics - Stat2.2 (edX) -

Introduction to Statistics: Probability - Stat2.2 (edX) -

Statistics (Udacity) -