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Software Development Processes explores requirements engineering, architecture and design, testing, and software quality in general.

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r/opensourcesociety • post
11 points • seriesCannon
By listing classes without their pre-reqs, OSS hurts both students and the credibility of OSS. Examples:

  1. Algorithms, Part I. All assignments in this course must be completed in Java to be graded. If you don't know Java, you can't complete the course for credit. For those of you stuck at this point, has a two part Java course that will teach you all you need to know.

  2. Software Architecture & Design. Literally the 3rd minute of instruction is the professor stating "a prerequisite of the course is that you have already been introduced to this subject." Georgia Tech's course page recommends taking Software Development Process to fulfill the pre-req.

OSS makes a number of promises to students.

One is "You can use any language that you want to complete the courses." This is meaningless if a course offers feedback only when you write in a particular language. It is also deceptive. Not all languages let you pass objects in an object oriented manner. Not all languages let you pass functions as parameters of other functions, a backbone of functional programming.

A second promise is "The only things that you need to know are how to use Git and GitHub." As I've pointed out above, OSS violates this promise if its recommended course sequence does not prepare students for one or more classes in the syllabus.

OSS can only serve its students well by fulfilling its promises. OSS should add a course which offers introductory Java before Algorithms and it should list a software development course before Software Architecture.

r/cs50 • comment
3 points • create_a_new-account

I haven't taken any of these

r/learnjava • comment
1 points • hoxeon

To increase your chances of employability in your pursuit, you'd require skills in: Coding, Data Structure & Algorithms, Software Engineering and Software development life cycle.

- For coding in Java I find two sources that standout amidst the sheer volume of materials out there, do them both in that order:

MOOC FI: Java I & II

JetBrains Academy

- Data Structure and Algorithms there are plenty of good sources:

MIT: Intro to Algorithms


Coursera Specialization

HackerRank and Leetcode


- Software Engineering principles, SDLC, Design Patterns and Agile practices.

Software Design and Architecture Specialization

Also, Georgia Tech's Software Development Process


You now know for sure this gonna take a while \~ 1 Year full-time. Just start somewhere and keep pushing. You really gotta put your heart into this from the beginning.