Segmentation and Clustering

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The Segmentation & Clustering course provides students with the knowledge to build and apply clustering models to develop sophisticated segmentation in business contexts.

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Machine learning courses covering clustering algorithms

Greetings all. I finished Andrew's Machine Learning Coursera course this week. My interest in machine learning is directly related to a project I will be conducting which involves clsutering of MRI images among other types of data. I was wondering if there is any particular course or book you would recommend for the to learn about this stuff, preferably one that is up to date.

I was able to find the following, but really can't tell which is the best:

Coursera - Cluster Analysis in Data Mining

Udemy - Cluster Analysis and Unsupervised Machine Learning in Python

Udemy - Cluster Analysis- Theory & workout using SAS and R

Udacity - Segmentation and clustering

eDx - Cluster analysis!