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This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of programming languages.

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r/learnprogramming • post
3 points • c_d_u_b
What resources would you recommend for learning about compilers?

I'm one of those people who got a degree in a "related field" and took a handful of computer science courses, went to a career fair, got hired, and now apparently I'm a software engineer. Most of my daily work is higher level stuff in scripting languages, although I use Java fairly regularly and I learned a little C in school.

However, I never learned anything about compilers, and I've heard a lot of people say that understanding compilers helps you be a better programmer. It doesn't look like any of the big MOOC sites currently offer a direct equivalent to the compilers course that was offered at my school, although there is this programming languages course on Udacity which hits some of the same concepts (lexical analysis, parsing, etc.)

For those of you that have taken a compilers course, what resources would recommend? I'm by no means a beginner, but I'm rusty when it comes to anything closer to the hardware than Java.

Ideally, I'm looking for a good book or something self-paced. My job encourages me to spend a portion of my time on professional development, but it might be too much to take a full throttle course that will require 10+ hours/week.

r/webdev • post
2 points • nomadProgrammer
Are web browsers interpreters or compilers?

Also, will this course: building a web browser be useful for someone wanting to learn good CS fundamentals in compilers or interpreters.

r/learnprogramming • post
3 points • Solutionhunter
Best intro to FSM aka Finite State Machines (Automata) for dummies ? Preferably video. Preferably Python.

Update April 13 2015: So far, this is the best introduction to FSM I have found online: {Good teacher.} Programming Languages Building A Web Browser By Westley Weimer


I have checked Google, Reddit, Hackernews , StackOverflow, Quora, udacity , coursera , edx

Nothing really newbie friendly and well paced found so far.

The best I have come up with are the following:

Python for Rookies by Sarah Mount and James Shuttleworth Jan 9, 2008

Trevor Payne's youtube video --- too advanced for me.

{Not particularly useful.}

Right now, I will take a look at anything that is newbie friendly , regardless of the programming language.

Any suggestion?

Thank you very much.