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Learn product validation, UI/UX practices, Google’s Design Sprint and the process for setting and tracking actionable metrics.

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r/ProductManagement • post
37 points • flinchFries
I wish there was a Codecademy-like online learning platform for product management.

I'm doing the front-end development career path on Codecademy and it is utterly beautiful. Their product managers are so on-top of it that my very post on their forum triggered a new feature update on their site within a month.The only alternatives I see out there are either certificates with hefty financial commitments and definitely not "learn at your own pace" modules. All I found out there thus far are great books (not being sarcastic.) that get boring really fast, greatly marketed certificate programs (which I can't say much about because I never took one), and really exciting Master's programs that would require me to put the job that pays for my rent and food on hold.

So I took some of the suggestions below along with my own research and I came up with four buckets of PM skill honing programs. I am literally starting with a course from bucket 2 and won't look back until I'm at the finish line.

Bucket 1: intro courses for beginners, mostly for those who don't know what a PM is
Bucket 2: continued learning, a bit immersive, and very affordable
Bucket 3: very promising, highly-immersive (or at least they try hard to sell you that impression), but heavy on the wallet
Bucket 4: top-notch, Master's degree, or Micro-masters. alas, very expensive and most of them are full-time

My Bucket 2:


If anyone has done any of those three I listed above or has first-hand experience with them please don't hesitate to share it. I am looking for intermediate to advanced reviews of PM frameworks, I am way past a beginner's design philosophy.

r/ProductManagement • comment
1 points • alexveale3

Hey! I am also looking to transition into Product Management. Udacity offer a free online course; Product Design by Google which was really good for me at least:

r/ProductManagement • comment
1 points • xcrowsx
r/UXDesign • comment
1 points • kabeiro

I did this free Product Design Course on Udacity and it was quite good, it mainly focuses on Design Sprint methodology from Google. Though will not be that informative if you read Sprint by Jake Knapp