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Learn how to develop offline-first web application using Service Workers and IndexedDB.

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Offline web applications course on Udacity from Jake Archibald
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It's possible, but you have to keep this in mind:

  • No have access to local device folders. Instead you will have to use CacheAPI/local storage/indexedDB, etc. For this reason the idea of third party app to sync these folders is not feasible. Look into service workers > background sync.
  • There are limitations of how much data you can store in each of these locations in the browser. If your app needs high resolution photos this may become an issue. Otherwise you may need to install image processing library to crop/resize the images before storing localy
  • It's not recommended to store any sensitive information locally since it can be compromised. Especially customer specific and privacy information like credit cards, documents, signatures, addresses, names, emails, etc.

There are other concerns and limitations around your idea, but if the storage or security is important, my recommendation is to opt for a native app.

Also, if your list of tasks needs to be real time (scheduling is close to execution and/or high chance of cancellations) you will need to build an interface indicating last sync timestamp and logic to 'demand' an update before starting the task if the timestamp is older than 'x'..

Here is a good starting point course for PWA: