Interactive 3D Graphics

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This course will teach you the principles of 3D computer graphics: meshes, transforms, lighting, animation, and making interactive 3D applications run in a browser.

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r/gamedev • post
78 points • AlexeyBrin
Udacity's Interactive 3D Graphics is now online

Just wanted to let you know that Interactive 3D Graphics is now online. The instructor is Eric Haines (one of the authors of the celebrated book "Real-Time Rendering".).

r/webgl • post
10 points • skyplugins
Interactive 3D Graphics Course With Three.js & WebGL
r/Cinema4D • post
8 points • mehanig
Cinema4D and Programming, right way to do better results?

I think I need some advice

Im working as motion designer in IT-company, so my everyday job is green-screen editing, some title creation and a few compositing. I use AE and Premiere. So its kinda routine for me and I don't have any problems with this software. Im trying to implement C4D I mine workflow, so started to create some easy renders and other stuff for our new product release.

But, here comes strange part, I noticed, from day to day i'm trying to implement more programming skills to my workflow. Im not programmer, Im just interesting with it, and know some basics

The problem is, I am stuck with this knowledge, I cant see the way to use some coding with cinema4d. How to achieve better results in motion graphics with programming? Or should I leave this idea to become some kind of motion-programmer?

Maybe one of guys you faced this kind of problem in past? What is the starting point in this learning curve, should I start from JS? From Python? from C++? And, if there is someone like me, we could collaborate to share our knowledge and discuss it.


There is a course on Udacity called Intrective 3d graphics. I found it very interesting for me

r/threejs • post
7 points • erich666
New tutorial on three.js shader programming is part of MOOC.
r/opengl • post
17 points • othellothewise
Interactive 3D Graphics Course using WebGL

I don't know if anyone saw this, but one of the guys who wrote Real Time Rendering has a free course that acts as a "prequel" to the book. It uses WebGL based on three.js.


Blog post:

The book was excellent, and I expect the course will be really good too. So if anyone's interested in WebGL or learning the fundamentals of graphics, this might be worth looking at.

r/gamedev • post
10 points • [deleted]
Reminder: Udacity's HTML5 Game Programming starts today

This should be a really interesting course:

They are also offering another one on webgl starting March:

EDIT: Looks like it isn't launching until the 5th :(

r/gamedevclub • post
5 points • ghillieLEAD
Introducing gdc-dungeons

gdc-dungeons will be a top down 3D dungeon exploration game playable in a WebGL capable browser. You play as a young girl who has spent her life deep in "The Dungeon". The dungeon will be composed of many floors. You must explore the dungeon and find a way out of every floor to make your way to the surface. Each floor will be hand crafted and have many ways to interact with it. Gameplay will be focused on exploration, discovery, and problem solving rather than combat. You can fight, but beware, guardians of the dungeon are nothing to trifle with. Risk versus reward should be a decision the player must make often.

Information For All:

  • You need a WebGL capable browser. Visit to get yourself setup.

  • The latest version of the project will be uploaded to gdc-dungeons every day at approximately midnight CST GMT-5:00.


  • You need the python version of Google App Engine installed on your computer.

  • You can view and get your own copy of the source and assets from GitHub

  • The application is written in JavaScript and uses WebGL for rendering.

  • The Google App Engine server is written in python.

  • What needs to be done? Check here.

I believe it would be highly beneficial to create an online level editor in adition to the game. This would allow anyone to create and share a level for the game, even those not involved in the project. The editor can include a model browser so artists and level designers can peruse existing assets.

Artists and Level Designers:

Us programmer folk are going to need a bit of time to get the basics up and running. Ideally you artists and level designers will only need to interact with the website, whether you are uploading new assets or designing entire dungeons. That doesn't mean you can't start brainstorming and designing now though! Also, any models in the .obj format can be converted to the .json format we will be using. We should be able to convert many formats later on. Feel free to start creating props or character concepts if you feel motivated! More information will be released in future updates.

Thanks for reading.

Let me know if you are interested. If you have suggestions, comments, or concerns speak up! I will be working on this project heavily and will hopefully be able to provide frequent updates. I know many prefer to jump in on a fairly well developed project, but I wanted to share early so those who were interested could express such and join in right away. If you are viewing this soon after it is posted, links are still pointing to hello world examples and empty files. I'm working on getting everything setup!

Resources for Programmers:

You want to work on the project, but you don't feel you know enough about web development, 3D graphics, WebGL, or JavaScript? Don't worry.

And many more! I'll try and add a page to the website laster. Feel free to suggest links!