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Learn how you can use HTML5 Canvas to create and modify images or even interactive animations.

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r/gamedev • post
8 points • rogelius
Reminder that Udacity's HTML5 Gamedev course goes live on Feb. 4th

Thought it was worth reminding to this community. Class is here:

r/gamedev • post
10 points • [deleted]
Reminder: Udacity's HTML5 Game Programming starts today

This should be a really interesting course:

They are also offering another one on webgl starting March:

EDIT: Looks like it isn't launching until the 5th :(

r/learnjavascript • post
4 points • kevinmrr
Udacity's HTML5 Game Development class is opening today. I plan to work my way through it in the coming weeks. Anyone interested in a weekly discussion thread?
r/OneGameAMonth • post
3 points • magictravelblog
After some advice on my next step

Hi. I'm a newbie to game development. I just released my third 1GAM game which is my third game ever.

All three of my games have been Python/Pygame games. I've made an asteroids homage and two platformers. For April I'm intending on doing something different and making an interactive story using Twine (

After that I'm not sure what I'm doing. I haven't run into any major problems with Pygame although I've read a lot of people talking about Pygame limitations. Although Pygame has done fine by me I feel like I've got to know it quite well and would like to try something else.

My current plan is to go through html 5 game development on udacity ( then to produce a few html 5 games.

Alternatively, I could get to grips with Unity.

I realize this is extremely subjective but is one option better than the other in some way? Is there a third path I should be considering?

Additional info:

I'm happy in the world of 2d for the time being.

It would be nice if any games I make could be playable in the browser. With my Pygame games people have to either clone a git repo or download a zip containing an exe and I'm pretty sure no one but my brother is that keen.

Although I'm new to games I have around a decade of programming experience. Over the years I've had jobs in C, C++, Java, C#, some Javascript here and there, some VBA and currently I work in PHP. To learn Python I did this ( then figured out Pygame.

I'm not scared of complexity but I would like to stick to producing one game a month so whatever I do next can't require me to spend three months learning the basics before I ship anything.

As I have a programming job I'm very happy with I'm expecting making games to remain a hobby (although if I could make a few bucks that would not be unwelcome). I'm not asking "what will get me hired at Valve?"