How to Make a Platformer Using libGDX

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This course will explore how to create a game called Giga Gal.

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r/gamedev • post
22 points • geralt_the_butcher
[Udacity course] How to Make a Platformer Using LibGDX

I really liked the introduction to LibGDX on Udacity, today I found out that a follow up course is in the making. The first lessons are already available here.

r/libgdx • post
10 points • linuxjava
Udacity courses on Game Development with LibGDX

r/gamedev • comment
5 points • adinobro

The two best courses I found when I started were and

They are amazing to get started. I also did the Intro to Android development on Udacity as well since Android was my primary target followed by iOS.

Just FYI while it can support HTML be aware that the HTML export is more than 10MB before you add your own code. This was too big for my projects needs.

r/AskProgramming • comment
1 points • eitherrideordie

libgdx is cross platform?

And I was really enjoying these courses on them: >


r/gamedev • comment
1 points • my_password_is______

this one is written

these two have videos and is much more basic