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This course covers the essential Operating Systems concepts students need in preparation for the rest of the GT "Advanced Operating Systems" sequence.

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r/computerscience • comment
2 points • IwataFan

Unfortunately Georgia Tech doesn't really offer remedial courses themselves, tour there is one course they seem to encourage students to take this course if they want to take Advanced Operating Systems:

Otherwise, you would want to try and take courses elsewhere if you want the formal background.

r/OMSCS • comment
1 points • myuusmeow

There is a special quick refresher course on Udacity you can go through before taking AOS to brush up on things.

r/OMSCS • comment
1 points • thiakx

Maybe you should try out the refresher AOS course on udacity first?

r/OMSCS • comment
1 points • SomeGuyInSanJoseCa

If you are going for it, don't forget about the refresher course to help prep:

r/OMSCS • comment
2 points • beardsmcgee

You can also checkout the refresher course to see if that is enough background to get you up to speed.

r/OMSCS • comment
1 points • Successful-Slip9641
r/OMSCS • comment
1 points • mohamedaameen

I'm taking AOS this semester, and I didn't take GIOS. You can find all the required background in the refresher course here. Just be sure to understand everything in that course and you're good to go.

And as mentioned by others, the course is doable if you have strong C skills. You don't want to waste your time trying to figure out how to implement something in C instead of working on the project itself.

You can find my lecture notes here.

r/OMSCS • comment
1 points • mynicknameisbluu

I am leaning very hard on taking GIOS as an elective but I already took an undergrad OS class. My class was not very rigorous but we learned a lot about multithreading like for GIOS project 1. I have also read that GIOS's project 4, on RPC, overlaps with AOS. Should I just spend more time reading papers for AOS or get the background knowledge refresher of taking GIOS?

Also AOS has a refresher course on Udacity that students can take to prepare before the course. I would work through this before AOS, here is the link:

r/C_Programming • comment
2 points • TopAmoeba

You have the option to audit (take for free) the individual courses that make up the series.