Gradle for Android and Java

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Build bigger and better Android and Java apps using the Gradle build tool.

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r/androiddev • post
205 points • hitler_kardashian
Upcoming Android courses on Udacity

Advanced Android App Development -- We'll introduce you to a host of tools and concepts, including: material design approaches, image-handling, performance profiling, and more!

Android Design for Developers -- By the end of the course, you'll understand how to create and use material design elements, surfaces, transitions and graphics in your app, across multiple form factors.

Android Ubiquitous Computing -- The material in this course will give you the conceptual knowledge and expertise to extend your app with Android Wear, Google Cast, Android TV, and Android Auto.

Google Play Services -- Google offers APIs that allow you to access many of its popular services, including Location, Maps, Analytics, Advertising, Identity, and more. In this course, you’ll learn how to access these services, and build better apps!

Gradle for Android and Java -- This course reveals the magic that happens after you hit the "Run" button in Android Studio. You'll learn how the Gradle build tool compiles and packages your app, and you'll customize the build process. You'll learn to configure free vs paid app flavors, create and integrate Android libraries, test your app, and prepare your app for the Play Store.

r/androiddev • post
24 points • driscoll42
Coursera, Udacity, Udemy Android Courses, which to take?

I'm a fairly experienced developer, working mostly with SQL, Python, and R, but let's just call my Java knowledge zero. I want to get into developing some Android apps on the side for fun and to expand my skillset. However there seems to be a neverending supply of courses, books, videos, etc... to learn Android and I don't know which one to start with. Three below that caught my eye I'm considering starting with:

I rather enjoy a course style learning, I have taken several Coursera courses before and loved them. Particularly I enjoy a text with supplementary videos, not videos with supplementary text as many courses are.

Anyways, does anyone have much experience with these (I realize most of the edX one's are new)? Any recommendations? I doubt I need to take all three sets of courses but ideally there's a more or less "best" one.


r/Kotlin • comment
1 points • proj333

This might help you can skip android part.

r/androiddev • comment
1 points • xloli20

Udacity free courses is pretty good..

Gradle for Android and Java:

Version Control with Git:

r/androiddev • comment
1 points • peter_wanden

This is the track I took as it's what Google recommends:

Do this



and then this

and then you will have an idea of what to do and how to do it with Android


All of the above are a little out of date, however that does not matter. I've heard they are all going to be refreshed in Kotlin soon. They are all free!

Either way, until you are familiar with the above you are going to have a pretty tough time with Android, however completing the above will make life a LOT easier.


Good luck.