Firebase in a Weekend: Android

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This course will teach you when and why to choose Firebase as a backend for your Android application.

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r/androiddev • post
15 points • tokyopanda1
Am I viable for an Android Development job? Details are in added text.

Sorry for asking such a broad question, but I'm in a tight squeeze right now. Was prepared to start college this fall, but one week before the first day my father stated he no longer wanter to pay, and it was too late for a FAFSA application to help with covering tuition. To prevent accumulating too much student debt, I decided to defer and aggregate savings from work.

Now, enough of the sob-story and onto why this post is in /r/androiddev. In the last year I spent many hours self-teaching Android Development to create an opportunity for developing an application I've fantasized about for a while. The education included the following:

My question is: With that background, will employers see me as a viable Junior Android Developer candidate? Also, what else should be studied to make me more competitive, yet isn't expensive?

All responses are appreciated :)

r/androidapps • comment
2 points • thuongthoi056

I don't know how to build a server but with firebase real-time database you don't need to build a server. There're several courses about firebase on Udacity, like this one:

If building a server is not difficult to you then I'm not sure whether you should learn it or not.

r/androiddev • comment
1 points • memreyilmaz

r/Firebase • comment
1 points • kiana15

You should checkout the (free) Udacity Firebase in a weekend class:

r/learnprogramming • post
3 points • cs_stud
[Android] I've found 3 courses about Firebase on Udacity. Help me choose the best one

Repsoting because I didn't get any answer last time.

Hello everyone,

I've done all 5 Android Basic courses from Udacity and now want to move on to Firebase. I've found 3 Firebase courses on Udacity but I'm not sure where to start. Here are the three courses:

I was thinking to do all 3 of them in that order. Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)

r/androiddev • comment
1 points • duhhobo

Realistically if you have little android experience your best bet it to copy a tutorial and change as little as possible or else you will code yourself into a hole. This tutorial is pretty straightforward.