Designing RESTful APIs

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Build and secure a web server with a RESTful Developer-Friendly API that developers will love to use.

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r/webdev • post
22 points • SenyorHote
Entry-Level Job hunting

Hi, I just graduated June this year and started studying web development since then. I followed a course about becoming a full stack developer on Udacity and I'm close to finishing it. I now know basics about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and PostgreSQL.

Is it enough to land an Entry-Level Developer job? Is there a minimum requirements for qualifying as a dev? I asked this cause i rarely got replies on my email application(could be my resume tho). and also is it worth changing language as most jobs here in my country wants PHP instead of Python. Here are the lessons on the course on Udacity. I would also appreciate it if you could suggest another course to follow or take to help me become better.

Part 1: Developer Tools

  1. Shell WorkShop
  2. Git & Github - Part 1, Part 2
  3. HTTP & Webservers
  4. Networking For Developers

Part 2: Databases with SQL & Python

  1. Intro to Relational Databases

Part 3: Servers, Authorization, and CRUD

  1. Full Stack Foundations
  2. Authentication & Authorization
  3. RESTful APIs

Part 4: Deploying to Linux Servers

  1. Configuring Linux Web Servers

Extracurricular Material

  1. Web Accessibility
  2. Javascript Design Patterns
  3. Intro to AJAX


  1. Full-Stack Interview Prep

Im now at "Authentication & Authorization"

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • sheeplipid

Your question is a bit vague because you didn’t specify what type of api you’re looking to learn about.

I recommend reading the Wikipedia page on Application Programming Interface. That way you can get a nice overview of what APIs are.

If you’re looking for resources on web api, like most, check out udacity.

Udacity courses are pretty good and they are thought by people with ties to big companies.

All the courses are free if you don’t need interaction with other students or the teacher.

r/cscareerquestions • comment
1 points • TerriblyRare

To build on what you said here are some resources:


Python Flask Full Featured Web App:

Python Flask Mega Tutorial:

HTTPS and Web Servers with Python:

Authentication using OAuth in Python:

FullStack Foundations Working with CRUD in Python:

Designing restful APIs in python:


Rest APIs with flask and python $12.99:

Advanced Rest APIs with flask and python $10.99: