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Deep learning is driving advances in artificial intelligence that are changing our world.

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r/cscareerquestions • post
17 points • hinomarucurrydisc
Is the Udacity Deep Learning Foundation Nanodegree worth its cost?

I've been lurking on other threads and reading up on this new Nanodegree that Udacity just recently announced, and wondered what this subreddit's thoughts were? Is it worth the $399 cost if someone is interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence, but have no previous exposure to it?

Here's my background: I have a MS and BS in chemical engineering, and am currently working as a clinical data entry/data management coordinator at my alma mater after deciding I wanted to switch into programming from bench work. I've begun to do some basic scripting in VBScript for work recently (simple file inventory scripts at the moment), and have also taken a Intro to Programming in Java course through my university, but otherwise have no CS background. I also plan to take an online Data Structures course during the spring semester, and then a Computer Organization/OS course during the summer. As a person who's interested in artificial intelligence but hasn't had the chance to actually explore the topic yet, would this Udacity Nanodegree be worth pursuing on top of my current programming coursework and full-time job? What are everyone's thoughts on these Nanodegrees in general? Or are there other avenues I should be pursuing?

r/deeplearning • post
10 points • DIYjackass
What Do you all think about the content in this new Deep Learning Foundations Program from Udacity? Is it worth $400?
r/datascience • post
5 points • fifth-throwaway
Is anyone considering Siraj's Deep learning course with Udacity ?

I have no reference point to assess whether the price tag of $399 can be justified.

I am looking for intuitive understanding of concepts behind while focusing on learning to implement different ML methods with Python and Tensorflow.

Has anyone taken any course from Udacity and know if it was worth it for you? Maybe there are comparable courses elsewhere that are affordable you can recommend ?

Thanks !

r/Udacity • post
4 points • Psybawr
Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation
r/learnmachinelearning • post
14 points • goldmyu
Finished with coursera ML course, whats next?

I have just finished with the ML course on coursera by Prof Ng, was thinking about the follow-up series also available at coursera by Prof Ng for deep - learning specialization:

I have also come across this free google course at udacity:

and these nano-degrees as well at udicaty:

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree

Artificial Intelligence Engineer


Did someone here had any experience with these ? are there other better courses\speicalzation that you recommend of?


r/learnmachinelearning • post
2 points • puffybunion
Is this Udacity course paid only?


I came upon this upcoming course today:

I can't seem to be able to find a way to enroll freely to it, though. Is this course paid only?


r/ • post
2 points • udacity_com
Master Deep Learning with Udacity | Amazing content, unique projects, and expert feedback. Learn more!
r/learnpython • post
3 points • pensiero_profondo
Best online course about Deep Learning

I’m looking for a deep learning online course, what do you think about these? (quite new)