Data Analysis with R

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Data is everywhere and so much of it is unexplored.

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r/dataanalysis • post
3 points • MurphysLab
Learning R together

I'm currently taking Udacity's Data Analysis with R in order to get my feet wet with using R and RStudio. I want to invite anyone else interested to follow the course together. We can discuss course content here along the way. While Udacity forums can offer some enrichment, they do not really seem to bring the interactivity that Reddit allows.

Who's in?

r/userexperience • comment
2 points • laviedepaul

Thank you u/apuxui ! I actually found this lesson on Data Analysis made by Facebook, so I guess I'll start by taking the free course.

r/learnprogramming • comment
2 points • swigganicks

I liked this Udacity course which assumes very little in the way of previous programming experience. It is geared towards data analysis though so if you're doing other things with R (general programming, data viz, etc.) I'd look elsewhere.

r/learnprogramming • comment
22 points • my_password_is______

all these are free -- don't know how good they are

this is free -- you only pay if you want a certificate

r/learnprogramming • post
4 points • rainbows1010
Learn R Programming Sources

Hi, I am a beginner at python. I did the majority of the CodeCademy python course before I left it and learned more using How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. After completing this, I am doing small projects such as simple games like rock, paper, scissors, and have been working on a text-based adventure game.

At the same time, I feel like learning a new language. I decided that Web Development does not appeal to me as much as data science. I was thinking of learning R.

Does anyone have any advice or sources? So far, I have used Learn R on Code School. The other source I found that I have not tried was this on Udacity.

If anyone can point me to the right direction that would be beneficial. Thank you!

Edit: Forgot to add I have also seen this course: However, there are not good reviews on it.

r/AusFinance • comment
1 points • happy__pineapples

I'm just getting started in this space myself but here's a great free option for learning R from Udacity/Facebook.

r/CanadaPolitics • comment
1 points • Aetheurian

Program dominance will really depend on the industry. Stata tends to be the choice of economists. I think health fields and life science tend to like SPSS or SAS (this gets blury in cross-disciplinary studies like health economics, some like Stata, some insist on SAS). Small research teams at universities tend to like R since it's so cheap and because it's modular.

R does take a bit to learn. If you already know a programming language that will go a long way towards helping though, as the help files will be much easier for you to read and understand. Are you in comp sci or something?

When you do get around to learning it, you may find some of these resources helpful:

How to do things in R in two minutes or less! <- Free

R video tutorials <- although these are paid

R for Data Science <- Free creative commons digital textbook.

Data Analysis with R course

I hope you'll find some of these helpful. Good luck learning R (when you get around to it). Don't let it annoy you too much. Eventually it'll get significantly less frustrating (perhaps even enjoyable).

I would also recommending getting R Studio, which is an IDE for R. Not necessary but way better than doing things in just R.

r/EngineeringStudents • comment
1 points • Spear99

Sure thing, so since my work language is python I’ll start with resources for that since it’s a well used language for data analysis.

As for R

As for when to choose what