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This is an advanced Computer Networking course that delves into the latest concepts and tools used by the CN industry.

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40 points • dreamer3691
Stop saying you don't know where to start in learning networking
r/cscareerquestions • comment
1 points • thiakx

Georgia tech has free course on computer networking via udacity

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
1 points • VA_Network_Nerd

Udacity: Computer Networking by Georgia Tech

> This class is offered as CS6250 at Georgia Tech where it is a part of the Online Masters Degree (OMS). Taking this course here will not earn credit towards the OMS degree.

> This course covers advanced topics in Computer Networking such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Data Center Networking and Content Distribution.

> The course is divided into three parts:

> Part 1 is about the implementation, design principles and goals of a Computer Network and touches upon the various routing algorithms used in CN (such as link-state and distance vector).

> Part 2 talks about resource control and content distribution in Networking Applications. It covers Congestion Control and Traffic Shaping.

> Part 3 deals with the operations and management of computer networks encompassing SDN's (Software Defined Networks), Traffic Engineering and Network Security.

Might sound kinda overwhelming, but if you already suffered through a low-quality Networking 101, you can probably handle this.

r/OMSCS • comment
1 points • zb1-plus

Check out the previous iteration of the course on Udacity, it does a much better job explaining the concepts: