Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

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In this course, we introduce the characteristics of medical data and associated data mining challenges on dealing with such data.

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r/UIUC_MCS • comment
1 points • the_mech_tech

I assume looks something like this?

r/dataengineering • comment
1 points • L1ve2L3arn

Check out They have a sunlabs bootcamp tutorial on using Spark to wrangle healthcare data.

From there, you could then check out datasets from Kaggle. I would suggest picking a dataset that is relevant to the industry you want to be working in. E.g Stocks data for finance, Healthcare data for Healthcare.

Note that spark is written in Scala. And there’s pyspark which is an API to spark. So pick wisely.

r/cscareerquestions • comment
1 points • spacecadet413

> if you have an interest, check out healthcare data analytics.

That's a really good point. Udacity has some pretty cool classes on big data in health analytics:

r/dataengineering • comment
1 points • jackofallfruits

>there are only 2 courses we have which would give you some exposure to Hadoop/Cloud technologies

Seems to be these ones: - -

I'm not too familiar with udacity, but are the contents the same as the actual classes in OMSA? Do you know?

r/OMSCS • comment
1 points • shadowxp06

It's "Georgia Tech", not "Georgina Tech"

Also, your course was easily found -