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Learn to develop AI products that deliver business value.

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r/ProductManagement • post
9 points • DataSciZen
Any good PM course in finance and tech?

Came across this one at Udacity, however I think the topics covered are inadequate. Are there any PM related courses, which has more in-depth study on the subject including case studies?


Criteria: Online and Affordable.


r/ProductManagement • comment
1 points • Runner1928

Udacity's AI Product Manager course will cover a lot of material you'll care about:

r/ProductManagement • comment
1 points • speedbouc

I am coming from tech industry and recently completed AI Product Manager nanodegree from Udacity. Worked on 3 unique projects making me familiar with training ML models, annotating datasets and writing a business proposal for an AI product.

r/BusinessIntelligence • comment
1 points • trahdis

Hey appreciate the feedback. To answer your question here are some pointers in my opinion:

Financial modeling - I personally learnt a ton of financial modeling best practices from They have several free tutorials but their paid program is also worth it in my opinion and will teach you to model financials in excel completely with short keys without using a mouse. You'll look like a gamer going for the kill to your peers.

Project/Product Management - My experience in this space has been more focussed on building data driven applications and I would suggest an analytics focussed Product Manager Program such as Udacity's Data Product Manager and AI Product Manager (Have completed the later and am quite happy with it). Just audit the courses for free if you don't care about the Nanodegree certification which is paid.

Strategy formulation - I would suggest follow these two resources to understand how silicon valley folks strategize their product management and build epic companies/products. These two free resources taught me significantly more than any of my university classes on this subject 1) 2)