Artificial Intelligence for Trading

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Complete real-world projects designed by industry experts, covering topics from asset management to trading signal generation.

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r/Daytrading • comment
1 points • moppingguacamole

i’ve been doing this course and it’s showing promise, but plz check the pre reqs

r/datascience • comment
1 points • AMAInterrogator

Artificial Intelligence for Trading

r/algotrading • comment
1 points • ztas

It just yeilds one result

I wanted to know if you had gone through any course in Udacity!

Thanks anyways.

r/intj • comment
1 points • dr_set

Use simulators for at least 6 to 12 months before putting any money into it. It is VERY easy to lose money in Forex. But the fundamental analysis involved in checking the situation of whole countries and predicting a turn of events it is a perfect match for INTJs. The recent situation in Hong Kong, Lebanon and Chile are perfect examples, if you can see it coming you can make a killing. Keep in mind that the A.I. based algos are probably checking the social networks to spot these trends and that you are going against them, so you should have a look at that yourself (a very cool project to undertake).

r/algotrading • comment
1 points • blaissezfaire

final(?) follow-up to this: after 17 days of completely ignoring my emails, support reached out to students in this thread with the following:

" Greetings from the AITND Program Team! We really appreciate your patience.

We can see that you have finished Term 1 of the program and are ready to join us for Term 2 - congratulations! Like Term 1, Term 2 costs an additional $999. I will happily clarify this price for you.

When you enrolled in the AITND course, there were a few places on the website where we communicated that the price of a single term is $999. The first is the payment card that was labelled ‘Term 1’, indicating that you were enrolling and paying for Term 1 of the two-term course. The second was in Program Details section of the website where it states that “The full program consists of two (2) three (3)-month long term(s) at a cost of USD $999 per term, for a total program cost of USD $1998.” And the last is on the program FAQ page linked to in the Program Details section.

In addition to the payment card being labeled ‘Term 1’ and the information in the Program Details and Program FAQs, we added the second Term 2 card to the program website as well - not as a change to our program’s policy but - as part of a website update to better highlight pricing information.  

We do appreciate you reaching out to us though and we understand why you might still feel frustrated. So I’d like to provide you an offer of 5% off of the Term 2 price for the AITND program. You can apply this discount code {J87XM3BEKVAHGCL4} at checkout to receive this offer.

We are very much looking forward to having you join us in Term 2! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions.

Best wishes,
AI for Trading Nanodegree Program Team "


They link to current versions of the nanodegree site and FAQs, as if to completely ignore the webarchived links I and others sent, which clearly show no mention of paying for multiple terms. Additonally, my receipt for Term 1 made no mention of multiple terms--just of a payment to Udacity for the trading nanodegree. The reality is that if you saw the page and price early on, the only way you'd ever know it was twice the price thereafter is if you scanned the page daily for changes (they later inserted one sentence near the bottom of the page, stating the 2x$999 price).


tl;dr Udacity offered a 5% ($50) discount after more than 2 weeks of radio silence on the matter. in the meantime term 2 had already begun. i have replied with the above points but expect little to nothing from them based on their actions thus far. i'd stay way, way away from them.