Advanced Android with Kotlin

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Develop Feature-Rich Android Apps with the Kotlin Programming Language.

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r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • slowmoe64

works now thanks, might want tot add this new course from udacity nice site.

r/androiddev • comment
1 points • tahaak97

I highly recommend udacity course it uses the latest androidx libraries + its made by some of the android team members i've found it the most useful one personally

Developing android apps with kotlin

Advanced android with kotlin

r/androiddev • comment
1 points • calren24

Google has a course on Udacity specifically focused on testing! Lesson 5. The lessons are all independent of each other, so you don't have to complete lessons 1-4 before getting to the Testing lesson.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • kivacedky

I already did it. I have also written about that.

Start with this official course from Google: Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

It covers all the things that you should learn to start building real world apps.

After that, there's another course which covers some advanced topics: Advanced Android with Kotlin

There isn't such thing as roadmap once you have all the basics clear. You should just learn whatever that's necessary as per the requirement.

If you take a look at that article, it has loads of topic and you don't need to learn all of it. So its better to just learn the basic and start building. Remember, Y.A.G.N.I.

There is already a YouTube video, How to make Upwork Clone, but

I just want to know all the different ways by which I can do this project because every programmers have their own choices of SDK and languages.

r/android_devs • comment
1 points • GavinGT

I would try drawing it on a Canvas that overlays the grid.

See the "Creating Custom Views" and "Drawing on Canvas Objects" lessons here:

r/Kotlin • comment
1 points • Konanan

And after the Free Kotlin Bootcamp at Udacity, there is also this free course:
Advanced Android with Kotlin:

r/androiddev • comment
2 points • HasanZian

If u dont know java then my suggestions is start with kotlin




These course complete all the basics (all course are free)

r/androiddev • comment
1 points • MrDjibrilo

I'm currently finishing /u/vasiliyzukanov's Udemy course, and I can't recommend it enough. Give it a try.

Another course that covers testing is from Gooogle, on Udacity.

r/Kotlin • comment
1 points • UnAn02

Hi, I am at the last year of "high school" here in Italy and for the final exam we need to do a project, some classmates and we decided to build an app and we decided to build it in Android Studio with Kotlin(even though we studied a little bit of java last year, we took the challenge to learn kotlin).

The app, generally speaking, will be a school's app in which there will be the grades, attendance, videos, logins, (possibly google calendar & classroom integration).

I already started to follow Android Developer's Kotlin guides and started the course "Developing Android Apps with Kotlin" in Udacity and for now I've been understanding the concepts but I just have some corcerns:

  1. If it's doable for april/may, and we know this will depends a lot on us.
  2. If the things that we will learn on the guides will be enough to build., we think, a sophisticated app. If no, what would be the other things we would need to learn.

I'll leave the links of the guides below:

Android Developers' Guides



And if you know other good guides out there, we would appreciate them.

r/Kotlin • comment
1 points • vivekworks

Check out these courses from Google on Udacity

Kotlin warmup

Android with Kotlin (Beginner)

A bit more advanced

r/Kotlin • comment
1 points • naseemashraf

If you want to brush up Kotlin then start here before going onto Android; Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers by Google

Start here if you already know Kotlin; Developing Android Apps with Kotlin by Google .

Follow up with Advanced Android with Kotlin by Google.

This should give you a basic understanding of Android App development with Kotlin. Then you can study and practice Android Jetpack to cover the newer components in Android and how to implement them.

I've only mentioned official and freely available sources for convenience. Good luck.